Update: Resigned from DePaul

I am back after a really long hiatus. A lot happened between writing my last blog and posting this current one. Among life’s major macro-transition was one that will perhaps, forever, change the course of my career. I resigned from DePaul University early in the Spring Quarter (2015) after six amazing years in order to relocate to the West Coast with my family. I have truly appreciated the time I spent at DePaul and in Chicago.

At DePaul, I got to work alongside some really brilliant and inspiring minds; colleagues who became friends; who are stalwarts in their respective sub-disciplines but down-to-earth and humble, friendly and loyal, not to mention great people with whom you actually want to hang out outside of work. I wrote and turned in that resignation letter with a heavy heart completely mindful of my agency in this matter as well as the subsequent consequences. No matter where I end up professionally, I shall remain eternally grateful to DePaul and its people for all the opportunities given to me; the relationships I was fortunate enough to foster; the lessons learned and taught, literally and figuratively speaking; and of course the many, many students I had the opportunity to teach, learn from, and mentor. What a privilege and pleasure the six years have been!



Guest Speaker: India’s Working Women and Career Discourses

I was invited as a guest speaker to one of DePaul’s Liberal Studies Program courses (Focal Point – Women and Work) taught by Dr. Nila Ginger Hofman, a professor in the Anthropology department. I was thrilled at the opportunity to speak to the mostly first year students. The students had read a chapter from my book, “India’s Working Women and Career Discourses: Society, Socialization, and Agency” and had prepared questions for me. Continue reading