Immigrant Workers and Meanings of Work

My latest book, ‘Immigrant Workers and Meanings of Work: Communicating Life and Career Transitions’ is available at Amazon and other sellers. Below is a screenshot of the book on You may click on the image to take you to the website or get there directly.

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Guest Speaker: India’s Working Women and Career Discourses

I was invited as a guest speaker to one of DePaul’s Liberal Studies Program courses (Focal Point – Women and Work) taught by Dr. Nila Ginger Hofman, a professor in the Anthropology department. I was thrilled at the opportunity to speak to the mostly first year students. The students had read a chapter from my book, “India’s Working Women and Career Discourses: Society, Socialization, and Agency” and had prepared questions for me. Continue reading “Guest Speaker: India’s Working Women and Career Discourses”