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Have a Happy Holiday

A Wonderful Holiday Season

Thanks to the wonderfully supportive community here in Greensboro, I have had a good sales season this holiday season, my first as an entrepreneur. Although I first started my archival store of stationery, T-shirts, and other collectibles in August 2017, none of my products were handmade by me. I enjoyed that experience but knew I needed to recharge and re-channel my own creative energies

Since moving to GSO, I have had 5 sales events and each one of them has been terrific! The best part of these events has been the people I have gotten to meet. This community, this city that I have now embraced, has some of the nicest, kindest, and friendliest people. They are also incredibly supportive of local artists and encouraging of our efforts. I have gotten compliments galore on my work and I am happy to say, sales to match those compliments too.

In December, I did 2 events, one at our local farmers’ market, and another at NC Soul Space‘s Pop Up event. I truly liked the events, each one for its own sake. Here are some pics from the two events.

I hope you all have a happy holiday and enjoy your time with family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work. Every sale, every compliment, every encouraging word, every social media like, love, and wow, every Etsy order, every comment whether on Instagram or Facebook…your support has meant the world to me. Thank you.

I remain open to custom orders and you can always shop right here at the store on this website. Until 2019…

Suchitra at West Elm

Essaberry at West Elm

I recently had the great pleasure of setting up shop at my local West Elm. I was a featured artist at their Pop-Up Market and I so appreciated the opportunity. I had a bunch of people come over and appreciate my work and I humbly accepted the praise and compliments. I also made a few sales which as always is great validation for the amount of time, effort, love, and passion I devote to my work. I look forward to becoming a more regular artist at West Elm.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity West Elm.


Mandala on Wood and LP Vinyl Records

Essaberry Mandala Dot Art Banner