Dot Art by Suchitra

A Wonderful Day at Temple Emanuel’s Holiday Bazaar

I did my first event at Temple Emanuel today and what a wonderful time I had! Every single person I met was friendly – always ready with a smile and encouraging words of support and/or compliment for my work! The set up was problem free since the tables and chair were provided. I had all the space I needed to make my display just the way I wanted. The fellow vendors around me were also very friendly and good neighbors with whom to share spaces.

My set up at the Holiday Bazaar

I sold a variety of things – mugs, notebooks, rocks, phone holders, magnets, a coaster, greeting cards, and even a yo-yo, among other things. I only sold one wall art but that’s okay – The father and son who bought it wanted to buy it as a surprise for the mother and I felt so happy for their excitement and for making me a part of their conspiracy 😊.

Before I conclude, I did want to mention that I recently started making cards and I am absolutely loving the process. I put my cards on display (see above) and sale today and they sold well.

I will definitely do this event again next year.

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