acrylic pouring

Hello 2019! To new beginnings..

The year has been off to an incredibly creative start for me… While taking on new year resolutions and well, breaking them are a cliche for a lot of people, including yours truly, I wonder if this holds true when resolutions are of a creative kind.

To be honest, I have never made any resolution resolutely, if I may. In other words, I have never seriously said, “I am going to do this or that or lose this much weight or accomplish this…” Now, sure, I have silently said these things to myself as “would be nice to do” but never in the attitude of “must be done this year!”

This year, however, I did decide on two goals to have accomplished by December 2019:
1. Learn and create acrylic pour paintings.
2. Learn lettering/calligraphy.

So far, I have dabbled with both, particularly with the first one. As a beginner, I have had many challenges in figuring out acrylic pouring. One would think it is an intuitive process but there is a lot of technique to it too. There is chemistry, there are many ways to derive formulae, there are many techniques, and there are tens of hundreds of people doing this form of art and more joining in every day.

So far, while I am enjoying it, I am really not liking the wastefulness that comes along with it. I’ll write more on this at a later date including writing about how I have successfully reduced waste in this art form. Suffice to say, even though I have a long way to go in really figuring out and “mastering” this form of painting, I am not quite sure I will be sticking with it the entire year. I continue to find dotting therapeutic and even though my current focus has primarily been acrylic pouring, I look forward to returning to my mandalas soon.

Photo Credit: Zaksheuskaya via Pexels.Com

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