Upcoming New Book: Immigrant Workers and Meanings of Work

Last month, the folks at Peter Lang sent over a proof of the final cover of my latest book to be released soon.

Immigrant Workers and Meanings of Work: Communicating Work and Life Transitions (co-edited with Elena Gabor)

I am really excited about it and can’t wait for the published copy to be out. This project began as a humble interest sparked in 2008 during the days of my doctoral studies and one that got stronger over the years until, identifying the lack of research connecting meanings of work to immigrant workers and vice versa, I initiated a conversation with my friend, Elena Gabor, on whether she would like to come aboard a book project idea with which I was tinkering.

As we kept talking, my resolve to further this topic became stronger, and with her support, we launched our first call for chapters in 2014, right around the time Baby J was getting ready to be born and chronologically my second book, was to be published (My solo authored monograph: India’s Working Women was published in August, 2014). Now, two years later, that labor of love, no pun intended, is finally getting ready for delivery. I’ll write more about the book in upcoming posts but for now, here is an image of the cover:


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