New course on Happiness

This fall I am teaching a new course called, “Communication and the Art of Happiness at Work”. A huge shout out goes to Sarah Tracy at Arizona State University (who unbeknownst to her is someone I consider my mentor :)) for her incredible generosity, kindness, and willingness to share not only her syllabus but other resources from which I have drawn content to use for my own class. I attended a short course she offered at NCA last year (The power of positive scholarship: How to create an entire class, specific curricula, and ⁄or an action research project related to the bright side of communication) in Washington, DC and learned a lot. I really think it is important for members of our scholarly community to share resources, best practices, pedagogical insights, and such with others willing to learn and implement such efforts in their own teaching, research, and other engagements.

I am really excited about the course. I am offering this course in a new hybrid format where I have some face-to-face and some online classes. I am eager to see how the format with work with such a course. What I am also super excited about is having guest presenters come in to two of my face-to-face meetings. On October 15, Chris Cinnamon will attend my class and teach my students and me some basic Tai Chi moves. You can read more about him here. On October 29, I will have Hillary Johnson of Calm Chicago introduce to my students and me new research on mindfulness and meditation as well as lead us into a direct experience of the two. For more information on Calm Chicago, click here.

In addition, students complete weekly activities and reflections, complete a happiness project and presentation, read peer-reviewed journal articles, and complete two exams. I look forward to a new quarter with new experiences.

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