About Suchitra

After completing my doctoral degree program in Organizational Communication from Purdue University, I worked at DePaul University in Chicago for six years teaching, researching, and serving my College and University before making the decision to relocate to San Jose, CA, in 2015. Professionally, I am an educator, a management communication consultant, and an author. I am an independent researcher who focuses on the organizational assimilation experiences of underrepresented and/or marginalized workers, meanings of work, gender and diversity in the workplace, immigrant identities, and intercultural organizational communication. I have experience conducting workshops on Organizational Diversity and Intercultural Sensitivity.

I am the author of, ‘India’s Working Women and Career Discourses: Society, Socialization, and Agency’, co-editor (with E. Gabor) of Immigrants Communicating Meanings of Work (2016) and co-author (with J. Baldwin, A. Gonzalez, and R. R. Means Coleman) of Intercultural Communication in Everyday Life.

Here is a link to my Amazon Author Page.

In addition to several book chapters, my peer-reviewed work has been published in Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, and the Journal of Communication and Religion, among others.

India's Working WomenIntercultural Textimmigrant-book

You may contact me using the following media:

Email: suchitra s packer at outlook dot com

Twitter: @suchitrashenoy


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